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What Exactly is Ontological Coaching? How can it help me?

Coaching Basics

The coaching relationship allows you to be really heard, explore and step into the best version of you.

Get clarity in what is important in your life and make informed choices for moving forward. 

For a complete and deep shift to occur in your way of being, we look at the dynamic interplay between three spheres of human existence- Language, Emotions and Body.

How ontological coaching can help you

This holistic approach teaches you to be a better observer of your Way Of Being.

It helps to approach any difficulties or changes with ease and maximize the quality of your existence.

You uncover the use of language as a creative tool for life.

You will gently untangle difficulties while being valued as legitimate no matter your current circumstance.

Become aware of the intimate connection of how your body, breath and mood relate to your fulfillment in life.


Ontological Coaching Works in these spheres:

Way of Being






TRE® Tension Release Exercises

is Self Empowered Healing. It allows your body to relearn and awaken a natural instinct which has been dormant. A survival skill that allows the central nervous system to return to a state of balance. This invaluable empowering self-help method is about connecting your body and mind in a healthy way.

TRE® reconnects you to your natural state

Your whole being will learn how to self-manage and navigate varying degrees of excitation produced by our thoughts, feelings and circumstances. Once guided and comfortable with the use and self-regulation of TRE, this is a process accessible anytime and place of your choosing…e.g. Before falling asleep

Which one is for me - Coaching or TRE®

The best blend of TRE® and Ontological Coaching can best be decided through a quick, free chat. Go ahead and book yourself a free 30 minute chat with me here so we can discuss the best options for you.

I love Sabine’s constant calm and stability, allowing time and space 4 me 2 share what I felt I needed 2 share. I liked how she absolutely allowed me 2 find my own ways with magnificently appropriate suggestions. Love your work Sabine.


She gently guided me and kept me on point when I got scattered.  I found that very helpful to come back to myself and my belief. I was then able to feel how I hold it in my body and bring about ‘in the moment’ the change within. I felt very safe and respected.


Sabine has such a calming presence that I felt protected and safe to go into the work with her. It was my first time, and I could see how deep TRE can go. Her grounded presence, her voice, her flowing guidance all made me feel assured. I would definitely want to explore more of TRE with her!

Chi-Wai Song