Tension & Trauma Release Exercise

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Sessions are available in the privacy of your own home. Short distance travel without extra cost. 

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The Goal

Is this You?

  • Are you suffering daily stress and tensions?
  • Deal with a history of physical, psychological or compassionate trauma?
  • Busy Mind
  • Overactive nervous system?
  • Take back control of your emotions and feeling of completeness in your life!
  • Recalibrate your body, Release the past and Reinvent Self

Some Reported Benefits

  • Better sleep
  • Deeper relaxation
  • More calm and peaceful mind
  • Less worry and anxiety
  • Improved relationships
  • More energy
  • Increased emotional resilience
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced symptoms of PTSD and vicarious trauma
  • Reduced muscle pain

Safe Calm yet Deep

Sabine has such a calming presence that I felt protected and safe to do into the work with her. It was my first time, and I could see how deep TRE can go. Her grounded presence, her voice, her flowing guidance all made me feel assured. I would definitely want to explore more of TRE with her.

Chi-Wai Song, Hong Kong

Astounding 'Non-Talk' Therapy

TRE is the most astounding trauma release, ‘non-talk’ therapy I have ever encountered, results of calmness was immediate from the first session. This has been life changing.

Amanda, Cairns

Curiosity and Ease

Sabine was professioal and curious. This helped put me at ease and fostered the same sense of curiosity in me. She was patient and helped me understand the process.

Kira, Mission Beach

Incredibly Peaceful

I was a complete sceptic and was completely blown away and incredibly peaceful afterwards. A huge weight appeared to be shifted. Sabine had such a clear cruisy manner with no hisitations which promoted confidence in me. Thank you so much.

Jules Hartmann, Ravenshoe Community Centre

What is TRE®?

TRE is a simple, easy way to release the effects of stress tension and trauma from your body. The effects are felt immediately as a calming of the nervous system, and over time chronic stress and effects of trauma are reduced.

All animals in the wild will tremor or shake to release this stressful state to complete the cycle of the nervous system back to homoeostasis. We humans, are contidioned  to surpress this innate mechanism  to manage our modern life. ‘Control yourself!’ ‘It’s not that bad, calm down’ ‘oh look he is shaking, there must be something wrong’.

Tremors are our bodies natural innate way of releasing muscle tension and return to a deep state of relaxation and ease. Coming back to a feeling of safety within, nourishes our organs, helps us sleep better and builds resilience to move into the next day. TRE invokes this mechanism and is quickly becoming a popular way of releasing chronic stress, physical tension and emotional trauma.

It is being used by thousands of people globally to deal with daily pressures of life.

How can TRE improve my health and my life?

You will learn to recognise and release your bodies state of tension. Some of which has been built up over a lifetime. Come back to a feeling of safety in yourself  and consequently increase your wellness and resilience in a beneficial way. You can learn TRE easily. Within three to four supervised sessions with a qualified practitioner you can de-activate your bodies defence states and feel ease and safety within your being again. Accessing this natural wisdom and health state allows for healing past circumstances, have an empowered presents and a vital and creative future.

Self-empowered healing

Allow your body to relearn and awaken a natural instinct which has been dormant. A survival skill that allows the central nervous system to return to homoeostasis. This invaluable empowering self-help method is about connecting your body and mind in a healthy way. Your whole being will learn how to self-manage and navigate varying degrees of excitation produced by our thoughts, feelings and circumstances. Once guided and comfortable with the use and self-regulation of TRE this is a process accessible anytime and place of your choosing…e.g. Before falling asleep

What does a session look like?

Sabine is a fully certified TRE provider

Sabine is a fully certified TRE provider who will help you learn this process so you can easily apply it yourself. TRE needs to be taught by a Certified TRE Provider, someone who is highly trained in teaching you how to self-regulate this powerful practice to become confident in self- managing this process and use this easy de-stress tool for the rest of your life.

TRE can be learned in a group environment and on an Individual basis

TRE can be learned in a group environment and on an Individual basis, both of which are available at various venues.

Sabine will give a brief explanation at the beginning of the session

Sabine will give a brief explanation at the beginning of the session. She will answer any questions and to ensure your safety, complete a short medical check.

You will be safe throughout all the stages of the TRE process

You will be safe throughout all the stages of the TRE process gradually tiring the muscles and allowing the natural tremoring of the body which leads to tension release. Sabine will ensure you are confident and comfortable with the exercises and tremors to a level that suits you personally.

Sabine will answer any queries and discuss the ongoing use of the technique

At the conclusion, Sabine will answer any queries and discuss the ongoing use of the technique so you can find a practical way of incorporating TRE into your life and bring your body and mind together for optimum health.

Sabine has a background in Trauma Work, Counselling and Psychotherapy

Sabine has a background in Trauma Work, Counselling and Psychotherapy for over 15 years but also feels it is important to allow the body to do its healing via nature’s original design.

Releasing deep held tension, stress & trauma is the way to live the life you deserve

Through understanding your body, your mind and your natural reactions, you will learn to work with your innate instincts, not against them. Your body and mind are your best friends; all you need to do is find the confidence to allow them to help aid your recovery process.

Contact Sabine today. She will take you on a journey of real personal understanding and be by your side every single step of the way.

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TRE, Shake Your Way to Mental Health by Fiona Leibowitz

Sabine is a qualified TRE® Provider for Trauma Prevention International (Berceli, 2005), in Far North Queensland, Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands region.

TRE Disclaimer