What has been most significant or insightful for you?

I found this book very similar to David’s ‘original’ book on TRE; I had to check a couple of times I wasn’t reading the same book again.

Although I knew that TRE is a healing process not dependent on individual values, morals or systems of beliefs, it jumped at me again this time as something to mention because how unconscious we are as people in what makes us behave based on beliefs acquired by an overactive nervous system rather than truth.Forming that collective identity mentioned in the book with for example multiple or cross-cultural clients experiencing their bodies based on a common human species. We are all the same at this level. When shaking one’s experience is enhanced at the same time how it connects us to a oneness with everyone.

It highlighted how dysfunctional, and traumatised families influence their children who grow up with tension and stress because of this. It’s scary especially in the area I have worked in domestic violence and drug and alcohol abuse within families. The need to look at the bigger picture in healing on a cultural legal has already been in conversations with members connected to empowering Far North Queensland indigenous societies and how TRE could be part of this process.

How David has combines his skills-social worker- therapy and body TRE. It has left me feeling inspired about how I can perhaps contribute to humanity with my 12years experience in CISD, PTSD and TRE once I complete.

What do you still wonder about, mare curious or feel is unanswered for you?

I mentally know that all is vibration. However, experiences are giving me more understanding in particular TRE and shaking as healing. I’ve been reading about ecstatic movement and shaking as an ancient healing method also in many cultures, e.g., The Kalahari Bushmen of South Africa. TRE tremoring is something I am looking at getting more I formation about, as in how high the frequencies are. It was interesting to read in this book about the research on increased bone density and pain relief. I understand the research was speaking of mechanically stimulated vibrations, but I want to know how the vibrational frequencies with TRE compare.

What will you consciously take forward as a TRE provider?

To communicate and hopefully inspire how our actual vibrational frequencies grow stronger each time the body releases tensions with TRE and how this gives more access for people to heal and rediscover and awaken to themselves. Living a life in this manner would surely be more rewarding and in line with our real purpose of living a happy and fulfilling life.

Something that stuck with me in my learning from reading this book is that reflection on how many clients I have had who were unable to practice mindfulness. It has left confusion and frustration ‘this should work’. The book normalises this frustration and for me, it’s just connecting the dots and being aware of differences in clients experiences, their locked up tensions in the body and my judgements on this. It is experientially sinking in more how including the body can contribute to awakening and heal the whole person.

Why would you recommend or not recommend this book?

I have many friends and colleagues in the helping professions…be that alternative and otherwise. I would recommend this book as I feel it can be essential to their health while working with traumatised clients. Being able to release tensions while being of assistance to others would make them firstly more efficient in their work, have access to more knowledge to direct clients and prevent burnout which seems so prominent especially in the social work area.

I would also recommend this book to members of the organisation I am about to start working for. As my part-time position as recovery coach in the mental health sector, it would benefit the society to recognise the importance to incorporate TRE with its advantages as a therapeutic option for clients.

My experience in mental health is that people feel locked up in their head and their situation In society while being categorised as ill and predominantly dysfunctional unless medication is administered. The connection in the book of the minds vicious cycle was interesting -the relationship of the increase of suicidal thoughts to the decrease of physical sensations, TRE and its access to increase physical sensation, could lead out of a vicious cycle to a new way of looking and experiencing life for many clients.