What has been most insightful or significant for you?

What is significant is that it has alerted me to how neurogenetic tremoring is easy, a natural process and necessary part in our physical wellbeing, and quite an important aspect of our development as human beings into the future. An opportunity to evolve as a human race and being open to accepting stress and trauma rather than deny it’s existence and perpetuate an unreal illusion of safety.

I also found it significant that individuals can empower themselves with this method rather than be reliant on ‘help’ from the outside.

I was touched by the opportunity that exists in maintaining cultures affected by natural disasters and war, as my field of work has included much critical incident trauma intervention.

It was also interesting to read more detailed information on neurological and biological processes, how unprocessed stress trauma affects our thinking, belief systems and addictive behaviour pattern so prevalent in our society. I’m inspired how TRE is a method to heal how we were naturally meant to rather than being managed or medicated by the prevailing view of something being wrong.

What will you consciously take forward into your role as a TRE provider?

That anyone can do it for themselves once taught how. That there may not need to be a significant psychological assessment required but rather an acceptance of differences and allowing without judgement. That we are meant to be happy and enjoy life!

What do you still wonder about, are curious of or feel is unanswered for you?

The mechanism of tension release and the exercises are simple. My curiosity lies more in how this method can be accessed by as many people as possible, especially because of how our lack of tension release affects our interaction towards others. Building relationships across cultures race age etc. seems pretty important everywhere.

Why would you recommend or not recommend this book?

I already have recommended this book to a friend because of the potential of how her family relationship can be positively affected. She also does healing work with the body and I feel TRE would be a great tool to add to her already existing knowledge in what she does in helping people with health related issues. The book is clear and straightforward to understand and potentially allows elevating the consistent ruts we find ourselves in how to ‘manage’ ourselves but rather finding self-acceptance and an easier way tO come to health and better relationships through getting to know how our physical bodies operate. Knowledge of self-empowerment and choice.