Professional Coaching

Get clarity in what is important
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What is Professional Coaching?
Do I really need it?

Coaching Benefits

Greater control of your life
A greater sense of inner authority
Improved relationships
Clearer boundaries
More effective in dealing with      people
Improved communication
More ease in the body
Heightened awareness and      acceptance of self  and others
More joy and satisfaction with life


Do You Need Coaching

Is your goal to learn something you can apply in your life immediately and leave more self-aware, more self-empowered and inspired to take decisive steps to becoming your greatest version?

Being really heard will leave you with accepting yourself as legitimate no matter how you find yourself or your circumstances.

Tuning in and discovering the interplay of language moods and physiology, you will recognize your own resources, be encouraged to move with change into the future and ultimately maximize your fulfillment with life.

Become a more powerful observer of yourself so you can take actions that match what is most important to you.

Your way of Being – How are you viewing and engaging with the world? Learn to easily identify your way of Being vs Doing in the World and make changes for peace of mind and a fulfilling experience in all areas of your life.

Language – Become powerful in your listening and speaking. Observe this shaping your relationships and inner happiness. You become the creator of your world with your word.

Moods – Learn to recognize and accept all moods as normal, they are informing you of what is most important in your life. Discover how e-motions predispose you for action.

Body – Our physiology is the embodiment of our past, language and emotional spaces. Gently learn to move past habitual patterns, become more fluent and dynamic.

Coaching can be completely fitted into your life and your schedule.

If you are busy or have difficulty travelling then online sessions will suit you, if you prefer the face to face approach, then life coaching sessions in person can be easily arranged.

Following a proven framework of techniques, you will learn how to take back control of your life, how to be clear in what matters to you most and how to regain your drive and determination to achieve your goals.


Professional Coaching:

Helps you understand your goals, be they professional or personal
Clears your mind and your path to success
Helps you understand who you are
Fits around your schedule and your day
Follows a proven framework for success

To get a completely tailored program just for you, or to find out if coaching is right for you, book your free chat now!

I love Sabine’s constant calm and stability, allowing time and space 4 me 2 share what I felt I needed 2 share. I liked how she absolutely allowed me 2 find my own ways with magnificently appropriate suggestions. Love your work Sabine.


This is a gentle and purposeful form of coaching.


She gently guided me and kept me on point when I got scattered.  I found that very helpful to come back to myself and my belief. I was then able to feel how I hold it in my body and bring about ‘in the moment’ the change within. I felt very safe and respected.