Question 1

What is TRE?

TRE is a set of 6 exercises…gentle movements really that tire muscles groups and activate the Psoas muscle. This is the muscle in the middle of our body that gets contracted when we feel threated by something. Once the muscles are activated, the body produces neurogenic tremors, a natural mechanism of all animals to release excess adrenalin stored or trapped in our nervous system. In turn our body can come back to a state of safety and calm and regenerate our organs.


Question 2

Is TRE safe to do for anyone?

We all have a nervous system and it is a natural mechanism.  Yes it is safe!  However if you have high blood or low blood pressure, this needs to be stabilized first.  If there are complex trauma or mental health issues, it is advised you let your Psychologist know about you attending and advise the TRE Provider on Medications you are taking.

Any physical injury should be mentioned to the TRE provider, so they can assist in modifying the exercises to suit you.

It is safe to do TRE when you are pregnant but your physician should be informed for advice.

Question 3

Can I do TRE by myself?

This is a self help tool and can be used for the rest of your life by yourself, however it is important to learn self regulation with a certified TRE Provider for the first few sessions. This is to become familiar with your habits and feedback on how to manage the exercises, adjust when necessary and to stay grounded throughout in order not to overwhelm yourself.