About Sabine

I have had a lifelong passion and dedication to the understanding of how the mind and body work together. I have spent my life continually learning how to help people come to terms with their difficulties and how to re-discover their true sense of self.

Blending spirituality and science is where my speciality lies. I have always been interested in holistic health, in fact my children I’m sure wanted to run away at times just to see what the ‘normal’ food was in the cupboards of their friends homes, speaking nutrition which I see as a building block for our physical being.

Today I work with people to help them overcome trauma and stress. I love my life. My children have grown up now and I live a healthy and vibrant life. I get to travel a lot around Asia, I’ve spent a year overseas just recently, spent time in Ashrams in Bali and living a life that supports me and is uplifting to the clients I work with.

From Victim to Victor

But it hasn’t always been like that

Dip……pain problem stress suffering I went through….and the journey out of it…..

I then discovered shaking and TRE. I’d been working in Counselling for years and my counselling skills were really developed, but I reached a point where I wanted to work with people differently. Counselling didn’t serve the fast transformations that are demanded in this time of history. Instead of looking ‘back’ at our problems, I wanted to look ahead at possibilities.

Heal your Body heal your Mind

That’s when I discovered TRE. TRE cuts to the heart of the matter, I found this to have rapid and profound results for myself and those I’ve worked with. When I use TRE I can use my Counselling skills. In addition I can offer Coaching and move people towards their goals more rapidly.

What I’ve created is a holistically transformational program that really takes people in deep stress conflict confusion and feeling extremely stuck in their lives, to real breakthrough experiences that allow them to create the lives they want.

Though based on traditional methodologies and understandings, my techniques are totally unique. I have made a conscious effort to move away from the over-clinical nature and emphasise the human aspects. Uncovering strengths and passions hidden inside all of us, to live with meaning, direction enthusiasm and joy. I am constantly reminded that through my own learning and taking action, life continues to get better. Anyone has access to this when willing to walk on that path. You can have this with my assistance and support.

I have a vast catalogue of experience in group work, awareness Counselling for both private and government organisations as well as Drug and Alcohol, Child Savety, Suicide Intervention, CISD, trauma work- these are just an indication where I have put my considerable skills to the test.


Sabine Harth

  • BSc (Psychology) ACA registration
  • 12 years experience (Counselling/Psychotherapy)
  • Gestalt, CBT, Person Centred, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused
  • Globally qualified TRE practitioner
  • Drumbeat Facilitator
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, local and overseas (10y)
  • Judo Instructor 1kyu (brown belt)