A Brief Overview of TRE

TRE® comes from the brilliant mind of Dr David Berceli (2005) and is a result of continued experience, work and exploration in the field of both human and animal trauma coping mechanisms.

Dr David has worked in some of the most difficult situations the world over and has examined people’s reactions to severe trauma in a variety of circumstances; from children to adults he has carefully studied how different people react to traumatic events.

Through his work, he has been able to make several conclusions about the reality of how humans deal with traumatic events and what our bodies naturally do to combat them. Our bodies go into an automatic coping state, and TRE is designed to gradually help you release that.

Through extensive study, he has discovered that all mammals shake to release the stress of a threatening or traumatic situation. This is a natural process designed to allow the body to release the tension and comprehend the current situation.

TRE is designed to bring on the shaking mechanism in what’s called Self-Induced Therapeutic Tremors – in a safe environment these allow your body to release all of that traumatic tension and allows you to begin the healing process.