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What is Ontological Coaching?

The coaching relationship allows you to be really heard and become a better observer of your way of being  at a deep level. With a clear view and corresponding actions you will step into the best version of you.

Way of Being

How are you viewing and engaging with the world? Learn to easily identify your way of Being vs Doing in the World and make changes for peace of mind and a fulfilling experience in all areas of your life.


Learn to recognize and accept all moods as normal, they are informing you of what is most important in your life. Discover how e-motions predispose you for action.



Become powerful in your listening and speaking. Observe this shaping your relationships and inner happiness. You become the creator of your world with your word.


Our physiology is the embodiment of our past, language and emotional spaces. Gently learn to move past habitual patterns, become more fluent and dynamic.

How does TRE support healing, feeling calm and overall health?

What is TRE®?

TRE stands for Tension Stress and Trauma release exercises, it accesses an innate instinct of natually releasing tensions from our nervous system. Once the body is activated by very simple exercises it produces neurogenic tremors. These tremors allow the contracted psoas muscle caused by various stresses over our lifetime, to release and reset the nervous system to a state of calm. It is this state of calm and safety within our bodies that regenerates our organs and our mind for healthy and balanced living.

How Do I Know if TRE® is right for me?
In short, if you have a nervous system, TRE is for you! 
  • Are you suffering daily stress and tensions?
  • Deal with a history of physical, psychological or compassionate trauma?
  • Have a busy Mind
  • An overactive nervous system?
  • Take back control of your emotions and feeling of completeness in your life!
  • Recalibrate your body, Release the past and Reinvent Self
Can I Use TRE® on my own?

Yes, once you have been taught to do it in a safe way with the assistance of a qualified practitioner, this tool becomes a self help tool you can apply regularly and easily in your life e.g. before going to sleep at night.

About Sabine Harth

ontological coach and TRE advocate

I have had a lifelong passion and dedication to the understanding of how the mind and body work together. I have spent my life continually learning how to help people come to terms with their difficulties and how to re-discover their true sense of self.

Blending spirituality and science is where my speciality lies. I have always been interested in holistic health, in fact my children I’m sure wanted to run away at times just to see what the ‘normal’ food was in the cupboards of their friends homes, speaking nutrition which I see as a building block for our physical being.

“Sabine makes such significant contributions to so many people’s lives by offering a very safe, natural and nurturing approach to true change”

“Sabine’s respectful, holistic and empowering approach, as well as her insightful observations, helped me come up with new ways to see and respond to the situations I wanted to change.”

“Whenever I have a coaching conversation with Sabine, I always feel as though she is walking along beside me, never judging, always there and always compassionate. Her questioning is, I believe, incredibly powerful.”

“I love Sabine’s constant calm and stability, allowing time and space 4 me 2 share what I felt I needed 2 share. I liked how she absolutely allowed me 2 find my own ways with magnificently appropriate
suggestions. Love your work Sabine.”

“She gently guided me and kept me on point when I got scattered. I found that very helpful to come back to myself and my belief. I was then able to feel how I hold it in my body and bring about ‘in the moment’ the change within. I felt very safe and respected.”

“This is a gentle and purposeful form of coaching. Most enjoyable, especially to notice how and where anything we are dealing with affects you in the body.”
“Sabine has such a calming presence that I felt protected and safe to go into the work with her. It was my first time, and I could see how deep TRE can go. Her grounded presence, her voice, her flowing guidance all made me feel assured. I would definitely want to explore more of TRE with her!”
“I was a complete skeptic and was completely blown away and incredibly peaceful afterward. A huge weight appeared to be shifted. Sabine had such a clear cruisy manner with no hesitations which promoted confidence in me. I had total control and knew when to stop if I needed to. Her flexibility with other group members’ needs also instilled confidence in me for adapting to individual differences. Thank you so much.”
“Sabine was professional and curious. This helped put me at ease and fostered this same sense of curiosity in me. She was patient and helped me understand the process.”
“Sabine was fantastic, she was professional and thorough, very easy to understand.”
“Excellent care, especially focused on each individual’s response and needs/reactions.”
“TRE is the most astounding trauma release, ‘non-talk’ therapy I have ever encountered, results of calmness was immediate from the first session. This has been life changing.”
“Sabine is a marvelous facilitator, nurturing, aware and gently guiding the process.”

I have worked with Sabine in the past and found her to be a very caring, skilful and experienced Life Coach and I would highly recommend her.

Jenny McCabe

I have the privilege to be along side Sabine and witness her making such significant contributions to so many people’s lives by offering a very safe, natural & nurturing approach to true change. What’s most impressive is her continuous commitment to her own personal growth & aliveness! I can highly recommend Sabine!

Lori Ann Arsenault

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