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Heal Your Body; Heal Your Mind

simple things are often the best cure
Tension & Trauma Release Exercises TRE®
Are you suffering from stress tension or trauma? Recalibrate your body and take back control of your emotions for a happy life?
make a big splash in life
Coaching for Life
Move on from the past, re-invent your life with renewed vigour and take control of your mental and emotional wellbeing.
take care of yourself
Trauma Counselling
Recover and find emotional healing after Trauma. Integrate and learn a new way of being happy.

About Sabine Harth

Heal your body and you heal your mind!

Through nutrition, sense of self, spiritual understanding and meditative exploration Sabine has continued to push the boundaries of holistic healing and brings the benefit of years’ worth of world experience.

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What people are saying

  • Sabine has such a calming presence that I felt protected and safe to go into the work with her. It was my first time, and I could see how deep TRE can go. Her grounded presence, her voice, her flowing guidance all made me feel assured. I would definitely want to explore more of TRE with her!
    Chi-Wai Song, Hong Kong
  • I felt safe in Sabine’s presence, she had a calming effect upon me. Sabine comes to the sessions with no expectations of the clients and this then created a feeling of "no pressure" on me. I felt safe and not judged for any of my reactions.  This in turn gave me the freedom to just allow whatever sensations and feelings to express.
    Steward – Atherton Queensland Australia
  • I  appreciated what came across as "not pushy" in the approach to people yet it was obvious that Sabine was observing the small details that could alter a person's experience of TRE.  I also liked Sabine's softly spoken manner and felt calmed by this.  From my own perspective I realised that the less I tried to do, the better it worked.
    Steward Yungaburra Australia
  • I was a complete sceptic and was completely blown away and incredibly peaceful afterwards. A huge weight appeared to be shifted. Sabine had such a clear cruisey manner with no hesitations which promoted confidence in me. I had total control and knew when to stop if I needed to. Her flexibility with other group members’ needs also instilled confidence in me for adapting to individual differences. Thank you so much.
    Jules Hartmann Ravenshoe Community Centre

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